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VPSs Explained

A VPS is a private virtual hosting server set up on a physical web hosting server, which permits clients to acquire their own server to store textual, visual and aural content. It offers the optimal balance between cost and performance, so it is regularly the preferred option for heavy resource-demanding web portals that cannot be hosted on a shared hosting platform. Because a few people maintain their own VPS accounts on the very same physical hosting server, all system resources can be utilized, which diminishes the price per person. Each and every VPS grants complete server root access, which allows clients to install any software or script libraries that may be demanded for given apps to perform.

Positive Sides of the VPS Hosting Solution

VPS Virtua-1
1 CPU Core
30 GB Storage
$12.00 / month
VPS Virtua-2
1 CPU Core
50 GB Storage
$20.00 / month

The benefit of administering a VPS is that it is completely autonomous from the other virtual web server hosting accounts on the physical machine. It can be restarted, updated, and can even offer a separate OS than those of the rest of the VPS web server hosting accounts on that physical server. It is practically like a dedicated web hosting server, but a virtual web hosting server costs just a fraction of the cost of a dedicated hosting machine.

Restrictions of the VPS Hosting Solution

Each VPS account comes with certain data storage space, monthly traffic and central processing unit load limits. The Virtual Server providers are providing different plans so each client can get the most adequate plan for their necessities. A less powerful VPS hosting server may be used to accommodate one site, while a more advanced one would be a more suitable environment for hosting an array of websites and not bothering about resources. We are one of the top hosting service providers and we are providing a bouquet of VPS packages.

VPS Hosting - a Moderately Priced and Trustworthy Solution

An important feature of the VPS solution are the so-called "burstable" system resources. If a particular web site begins to load the server or approaches the allowance at some point, extra resources are allocated to this VPS hosting server provided that they are available on the physical machine. This immensely helps to maintain all web sites online and renders the virtual private web server a stable and reliable web hosting environment.

A VPS - The Right Option When You Need More Power

A virtual server is a perfect choice for famous websites that require a lot of system resources. It is sufficiently robust but simultaneously it is much more inexpensive than a dedicated server. At Hostgre we deliver a bunch of different plans, upgrading from one to the other is also simple and no website migration will be needed, thus there will be no outage duration as far as the domains that are accommodated on the virtual hosting server are concerned. The management is not much different than that of a shared hosting account, but the performance is much better when it comes to stability and speed.